spielen und erleben

play and experience

FHS Holztechnik GmbH aus der Luft gesehen
aerial photography from the headquarter

FHS Holztechnik:
Experience and innovation.

When the three of us began making the first swings in 1984, we had no idea how our company would develop.
Since those early days, countless numbers of children have had lots of fun on our play equipment, combinations and landscapes. And what started as a three-man company has developed into an innovative, medium-sized enterprise with a workforce of 60.

Sustainability and quality.
Whether choosing classic elements such as swings or see-saws, multiplay units in our new VARIOSET modular system or individual bespoke constructions, our customers can rely on expert advice during the planning and development phase. Attention is paid even at this early stage to ensure that items remain permanently attractive for the users – the children – by means of versatile, age-related options and logical playing sequences. During this phase, the specialists at FHS Holztechnik also offer CAD-supported planning aids if required. In production, mainly natural, high-quality materials such as untreated robinia logs or hollowed oak wood are used and importance is placed on stability and low-maintenance equipment. Utilising our own metalwork facility, we have short lead times when it comes to steel and stainless steel processing, which makes us extremely efficient. One thing has always remained the same - our claim to combine the highest quality in material selection and processing with low-maintenance and costeffective equipment, while ensuring the highest possible level of safety and play value for children.

The new catalogue.
You will find lots of new features in the current version of our catalogue. The catalogue shows our developments of recent years and the results of constructive cooperation with our customers. However, this catalogue only represents part of our potential, as development is a constantly ongoing process. In particular, our design to implement individual, customised play structures on an almost daily basis leads to new challenges and interesting projects. Our long-standing experience and knowledge of our motivated staff enables us to realise even the most ambitious idea in the field of Bespoke Play Structures..

We hope you enjoy looking through our catalogue and find inspiration. We look forward to working with you to create your play area dream.

Your FHS Holztechnik team