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Playship Krabbe

Playship Krabbe - Illustration: Robinia
Our products will be produced according the drawings. All photos are for information only and without responsibility. Subject to technical modifications. Regular maintenance checks.


1 Cabin with arched roof, PH: 0.20 m and with 2 benches
1 Square platform without roof, PH: 0.20 m with rope railing
1 Triangular platform without roof, PH: 0.20 m
2 Handrails with panel with stainless steel sand tube
1 Steering wheel

7 x 40 x 40 x 80 cm
Concrete needed:
ca. 0.50 m³

Total weight:
ca. 400 kg
Heaviest individual part:
ca. 300 kg

ca. 2 P. x ca. 1.50 h
Hoisting equipment required


2.70 x 1 x 1.60 m

0.20 m

EN 1176

Design options

Coniferous wood: Spruce/Pine, vpt-green on galv. steel feet

Coniferous wood: Larch/Douglas-fir, glazed on galv. steel feet

Robinia/oak glazed

Steel posts, galv., wooden parts oak