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FHS Holztechnik:

Freizeit-, Holz- und Spielgeräte GmbH 

Quality and play value at its highest level.

Experience and Innovation

When the three of us started to build the first swings in 1984, we had no idea how much our company would develop.

Since these initial days, innumerable children have found fun and happiness on our playground equipment, play combinations and play areas on many playgrounds. And the previous three-men-company has developed into an innovative,middle-sized company with 60 employees.

Sustainability and Quality

Whether choosing classic elements such as swings or see-saws, multiplay units in our new VARIOSET modular system or individual bespoke constructions, our customers can rely on expert advice during the planning and development phase. Attention is paid even at this early stage to ensure that items remain permanently attractive for the users – the children – by means of versatile, age-related options and logical playing sequences. 

During this phase, the specialists at FHS Holztechnik also offer CAD-supported planning aids if required.

Some completely new play equipment concepts can also be realized through the close cooperation and partnership with the play equipment designer Norbert Schwarz/Spielgeräte Parkbauten. This collaboration has proven to be extraordinarily productive.


During the manufacture, extensive use is made of natural, high-quality materials such as untreated robinia trunks or heart-separated oak wood, and value is put on stable connections and low-maintenance constructions. Also in the area of steel and stainless steel manufacture, through our own metalworking shop, we have short ways of execution and are therefore very efficient. Therefore, we produce the stainless steel slides in multiple variations. To our scope of delivery belong tunnel slides, spiral slides, channel slides, emergency exit slides, slope slides, and normal stainless steel slides with ladder. If due to high solar radiation, the metal slides are not an option, then we can also offer a wide array of GFP plastic slides. Also movable equipment such as carousels, cableways, and turntables belong to the delivery scope of our own metalworking shop.

We gave special attention to the production of water and sand play equipment. A water play system, for example, enables the children to individually experience the elements of sand and water, and to combine them. Therefore, the playground pumps are a magical attraction for the children during the warm season. But you can also simply acquire a sandbox with us, to top off your playground.

Children need places where they can be alone, places of refuge from the elements, meeting places and own areas which belong to THEM, which they can own. Playhouses, towers, as well as play house groups  can fulfill this function beautifully.


Whoever observes kids, knows how they love to, and with how much enthusiasm they climb. With much endurance, they constantly find new possibilities for movement. Climbing promotes dexterity, strength, concentration, balance, agility, self-control, and willpower. In order to promote these characteristics, we offer a large number of balancing, climbing, jumping, and hanging equipment, climbing walls, boulder walls, free-climbing walls, sports equipment, hanging bridges, and climbing combinations, such as hexagonal climbs and rope-climbing equipment.

Figure play equipment such as trains, tractors, and spring rocker promote group role playing and stimulate the children's phantasy. Also here, we offer an extensive assortment.

Free-time and park facilities, which should not be missing on any playground, help bring about a comfortable atmosphere in the residential area.

Here you can choose from park benches, hangout benches, canopys and huts, pergolas, pavilions, wooden bridges, palisades, and litter bins.

Leisure sport and leisure play not only help to recharge and counterbalance, but are also basic for an individual's wish for exercise in the fresh air, play, happiness, interaction with nice people, and self-realization. Besides street ball, like basketball hoops and soccer goals, also ping-pong tables belong to the equipment being offered.

Especially in the design of outdoor play areas for kids, it is important to check on sufficient protection from heat and UV-rays. Here we offer sun sails in elegant designs and perfected functionality.

In the chapter "special equipment", we offer further equipment which address the fantasy and senses. There can be found: sphere kaleidoscope, telescope, telephone, phenomenon objects like Rotation disc, Ripple board, Streaming Panel, Sound Stones, equipment for the disabled like the wheelchair see-saw, ferry boat or float, and carved sculptures and carved animals.

So there is one thing that remains the same until today: Our standard to bring together the highest quality during material selection and production, low-maintenance and easy-upkeep constructions, highest possible safety for the children, and high play value.

Also this internet presentation can only show a moment of our range of services, since the development is continually ongoing. Especially the wish of realizing individual, custom-made play combinations brings new demands and interesting projects on a nearly daily basis. Our long-time experience over the years, and the know-how of our motivated employees, enable us to realize even the most unusual ideas in the area of customized constructions.

We wish you much fun browsing through our website and collecting suggestions, and we look forward to many interesting projects.

Your team from FHS Holztechnik